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Banquet 2016



  Jr. Firefighter of the Year


 Matthew Birgfeld 




Matthew received a new helmet and shield as well as job shirt for his quick response to making a 911 call on November 23, 2015. Matthew was riding the bus when June got out to assist a deer stuck in a fence. She was kicked by the deer and subsequently fell and became unconscious. A female student called 9-1-1 and handed the phone to Matthew, he took control of the call providing address, school, and bus information. He remained calm through out the whole call and was able to get fire/ems help as soon as possible. Unfortunately,  as we all know, June did not survive, but Matthew was able to provide information to get her help as quick as humanly possible.

Chief's Award

Jamie Birgfeld


Jamie received $100 gift certificate to the Fire store for one of the top responders for EMs, as well as being the COOP student and his enrollment in EMT class, he will be done in MAY. As well as all the training classes he took during the year for his firefighting and Vehicle rescue classes.



Firefighters of the Year Award


Tanner Hockenberry and Brad Boggs



Top Responders on Calls

Top Fire Calls are:                           Top Amb. Calls are:

Zac Hall  46                                      Lewis Crader 120

Tanner Hockenberry  36                 Keith Collins  69

Brad Boggs  35                                Bill Adams  38

Dale Hall 34                                    Jamie Birgfeld  29

Keith Collins  33                    Jeff Bricker  19

Tanner Hockenberry and Brad Boggs  - Firefighers of the Year


Presidents Awards


Dru Allen and Dave Kissinger


Zac Hall was presented with a toy tow truck (Mater) because he got the new engine

stuck on the greenhouse fire.




Walter Bricker Award



Laurie Collins presented by last years recipent Keith Collins




Other award for the evening


Leon and Pam Johns Ways and Means Persons of the Year.


Cups thanking help through out the year went to


Keith Collins, Laurie Collins, Connie Kissinger, Dave Kissinger, Sam Varner, Jamie Birgfeld, Leon Johns, Doris Crider, Nancy Hockenberry, Michelle Junkin, John Junkin, Donna Adams, Dru Alan, John Harris, Sandy Miley, Anna Swailes, Joey Booze, Damien. Dale and Sarah Sollenberger, Grace Gibson, Alice Collins, Bill Vocke, Mary Vocke, Pam Johns, Beth Adams, Angie Hall, Dale Hall, Zac Hall, Amanda Varner, Sue Varner, Annaleigh Benoit, Kim McCurdy, Pastor Ken Richards.


Lions Club Presentation

Lions Club Ronnie McAllen presented Fire Company President Keith Collins a check for $1500.00



Decorations for the dinner




Delicious food catered by Carol Lamason






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