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"Of ourselves we give, so others may live"




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On Saturday evening, June 7th, 2014, Caroline Bricker passed away. 


Caroline has helped the Fire Company in many ways over the years and her sweet personality will be missed.


Rest in peace Caroline.




Our thoughts and Prayers are with Jeff, Michelle and Annaleigh











On April 14th Metal Township Fire and Ambulance Company lost one of its active members. 

Bob "Big Boy" Hockenberry has been a member since the begining of company.  He has served Officer, Firefighter and fund raiser.

 Bob presently served as a member of the board of directors.



 Our thoughts and prayers are with Nancy, Bobby, Eloise and the rest of the Family.  Bob will be missed.













On Thursday, May 10th we lost one of our founders.  Stu Long was one of the orginial members and worked hard getting the fire company started. 


Stu also served as Asst. Ambulance Chief.  Stu will be missed by many in the community.  Rest in Peace Stu.






Lynda Viverette




On Monday morning we lost a member.  Lynda Viverette passed away.  Lynda was an EMT and helped with many of our fund raisers. 


 Lynda will be missed by us amd the community.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.






Joe and Crew

Joe,        Carl McMullen     Bill Vocke   Fred Mort


On Monday November 23rd Larry "Joe" Booze Sr. passed away.  Joe has been a member since the beginning.  Helping where he could.  He first became a board member then when he retired he became president and served for 10 years as president.  During his time as president major renovations were made to fire hall.  Joe not only over saw the progress but worked hand in hand with the crew.  Joe could be found at almost any fund raiser.  He will be missed.










On Wedneday, June 27, 2007 Merritt Binns passed away.  Merritt was the first President of Metal Township Fire Co.  Merritt was one of the key players in the orgnaization of the Fire Co.  Through out the last 16 plus years Merritt has held various offices and helped with fund raising activities. 


We extend our sympathy to his family and friends.  He will be missed.






On Friday, January 19th 2007, Rev. Ted "PT" Hale passed away.  Ted has been a member of this company since he moved to his area.  He has been President, a Board Memeber as well as Chaplin for a number of years.  He drove the ambulance numerous times that earned him awards.  We will miss him.


Our thoughts are with Diane and his Family as well as his church Family.






On Wednesday, Jan 11th, 2006 Cloy J. " Bud" Bair passed away.   Cloy was one of our Fire Police for the past 15 years.  He became a life member this year.  We extend our sympathy to his family in Lewistown and locally especially to his Sister Sarah Neil.











Gary "Buck" Waters Passed away Monday, September 5th in Chambersburg Hospital.  Buck was an active member of Metal Township Fire Co.  A member of the Board of Directors as well as an ambulance driver and willing to help out where ever he could.  He will be missed by all of us his extended family.


Our thoughts are with his family especially Charlene, Gary, Deb, Alana and Little Gary.











JUL6th - Fire Police Ben Johnson passed away on Wednesday July 6th 2005 at his residence in Fannettsburg. Ben was an active fire police with the department. He will be missed by all.



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