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Junior Firefighter Training


Junior Firefighters should attend all training for Firefighters unless otherwise noted







      Friday (August 24th) after the Ambulance demo if there is enough people we will put new hose on 21-1.  If not finished   
      then will finish September 7th.

     Vehicle Rescue Training will be held on Wednesday October 17th and 24th.  Bill Adams will be the instructor.There
      is a sign up sheet in the office for anyone that can come.  Con Ed will be available.







Public Outreach Department for the Mesothelioma Center Asbestos.com. As you might know, firefighters can expose themselves to dangers beyond the actual fire that could be life threatening. Asbestos exposure, chemical toxins and carbon monoxide poisoning are only some of the ancillary dangers that put firefighters at risk. Most of the time, firefighters are not aware of some of these other dangers and that is the reason why we are trying to team up with organizations like yours.




 HACC Training

Check for available training courses through  HACC Public Safety Center website:








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