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Walter Bricker Award


The Walter Bricker Award was established in 2007 to honor one of our past members who not only gave selflessly to our fire co, but also to his community and friends.

Walter was involved in both Metal Twp and Fannett-Metal Fire Companies.

He was also a School Board Member and active in his church.

Walter also gave assistance to people in our community who may have come upon hard times or just needed a helping hand.


This award is given to a fire company member who goes above and beyond to help not just the company, but the community.


There’s one thing about our fire company that we can be proud to say, we are fortunate to have a great group of people that have joined together to make our community safer and a better place to live.  We started literally having nothing and now 20 years later because of the people involved, have so much.


With such a group of people, again, it was hard to choose one person for the award.





The first award was presented to Bill and Mary Vocke by Larry Booze Jr. and Mike Presso.  The award was presented by family members Elizabeth and Luke McMullen and Zac Hall.  Great niece and nephews of Walter.



                                          2007 Awared to Mary and Bill Vocke                                           2008 Larry (Joe) and Jean Booze


2009 Awarded to Zac, Angie and Dale Hall



                                 2011 Awarded to Michelle Junkin and Bill Adams                   2012 Awarded to Carl McMullen and John Junkin


                   2013 Awarded to Dru Allen                                                              2014 Awarded to Tom McMullan


2015 Awarded to Keith Collins                                  2016  Awarded to Laurie Collins




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