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"of ourselves we give, so others may live"


Celebrating 25 Years of Serving the Community



 Just a reminder that all members of the fire company need to have child abuse clearances completed by 7/1/16.

                   This is the law.  Quote directly from bulletin: "Existing volunteers will have until July 1, 2016 to produce the required clearances for the organizations they volunteer."

          This is the website to do your clearance: https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home


           Login in as an individual. The clearance is free for volunteers.

         Information you will need:
                  1) Addresses where you have previously lived
                  2) Names of all individuals with whom you have lived to include parents, guardians, spouses, etc.
                  3) Any previous name you have used or have been known by.


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Thank You to everyone for helping with the drawing today, the help was great.  

Thanks to Katelyn North for helping to staff the ambulance and Company 17 for staffing the engines. 


Sat, Jun 25th, 2016 10:00:00 am - Thanks to all that supported the 5th Annual Summer Fling. Here is a list of the Winners.

12pm- 0135          12:15pm- 0704

12:30pm- 0662     12:45pm- 1571

1pm- 0508             1:15pm- 1505

1:30pm- 0725        1:45pm- 0823

2pm- 1199             2:15pm- 1238

2:30pm- 0686        2:45pm- 0014

3pm- 0920             3:15pm- 2027

3:30pm- 0526        3:45pm- 1630

4pm- 0045             4:15pm- 0657

4:30pm- 0466        4:45pm- 0276

5pm- 1911             5:10pm- 0951


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There is a mistake on the Fest Books.  There will be no parade this year.




July 9th                                                               Annual Fannettsburg Fest








August 8th                                                        Fire Company Meeting 7PM





September 12th                                                   Fire Company Meeting 7 PM






October 10th                                                    Fire Company Meeting  7PM






November 9th                                                                     Lions Club Dinner 6:30


November 14th                                                         Fire Company Meeting  7 PM




December 12th                                                      Fire Company Meeting 7 PM


December 14th                                                   Lions Club Christmas Dinner 6:30



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