Ambulance Licensure Upgrade!

IALS License

Over the past year, Metal Twp. Fire & Ambulance has been working diligently to provide our residents and commuters, with the best possible Pre-Hospital EMS Care possible. Being committed to this mission has been a rewarding experience! Over 2021… during a PANDEMIC… we were successful in completing ALL the possible BLS Licensure upgrades allowable by the PA DOH. Our BLS providers now have access to medications and equipment that will significantly enhance their ability to provide quality care for whatever your emergency. Along with this process… we have been aggressively pursuing an IALS upgrade as well. As of the beginning of December 2021, we completed our inspection and have been certified as an IALS provider. We are the FIRST in Franklin County and the only IALS provider in the Path Valley greater region. The equipment, medication and skills that accompany this upgrade will allow us to provide critical life saving treatment to Cardiac Arrests, Breathing Problems, Diabetic Emergencies and much more! Please celebrate with us this momentous accomplishment! We ARE committed to our motto… “Of ourselves we give, so that others may live!” We will still be working cooperatively with our area ALS providers, who will continue to provide care above our IALS function, when needed.

New Combination LSB/Scoop Immobilization Device
New Automated CPR Device
New Cardiac Monitor
IALS IV/Medications/Airways

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